School of Materials Science and Engineering


Contact : XIA Hong

Tel : 0451-86402590

E-mail :

website :

The School of Materials Science and Engineering was established November 28,1993 from the original Department of Metal Materials and Technology and the Analysis and Measurement Center. It consists of five departments and three state key laboratories. In addition, the school has a Teaching Experiment Center. The School houses a 20,889 square meter laboratory building and over 400 million RMB worth of facilities.

The school currently has nearly 200 academic staff, including 4 academicians of CAE, 98 professors and 78 associate professors. More than 90% of the staff hold doctoral degree. From 1993, 1,611 Ph.D students, 6,321 master students and 7,923 undergraduates have obtained their degrees. Currently, there are 2,393 students, including 1172 undergraduates, 612 master students and 609 Ph.D students.

Since 1993, the school has carried out thousands of national research projects. 18 national awards have been obtained, including 2 National Natural Science Awards, 9 National Technology Invention Awards, and 7 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. Its major research interest lies in high performance structural materials, functional materials, composite materials, space materials and evaluation, special plastic forming, special solidification forming, material interconnection, surface engineering, and digitization of material processing, etc.

The construction goal of MSE is to build a world-class high-level material science and engineering discipline.

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